What You Say

Yes, what you say matters. Having a stellar product is meaningless if your customer is not compelled to try it. And your messaging is meaningless if it doesn't elicit a response from the customer and move them to take an action. Is your goal to make them click on a link? Is it to move them to place an order? Is it to prompt them to 'share' something with their friends? Is it to secure a meeting? Is it to scare the hell out of them? Is it to educate them about something new? The words you choose will dictate how your customer responds. Or doesn't.

It's more than just choosing the right content. It's understanding the customer's pain point. It's knowing what they do on a daily basis and understanding the type of language that best resonates with them. It's understanding the exact role they serve in the sales process. It's knowing everything about their current situation, and how your solution compares to what they are already doing at the moment.

What you say is half the battle.

What We Do
What We Do

How You Say It

The other half of the battle is the way  you communicate your message. The tone that is used. The style that is chosen. The emphasis you place. The delivery method you deploy. If choosing the right words gets your customer to open the door, delivering that message in the right manner gets them to actually walk through it.

Even the best message in the world can be lost in translation if the messenger is incorrect. The best message in the world can still be misinterpreted if all surrounding variables aren’t carefully taken into consideration. A message that sounds one way to one customer could sound completely different to another. And a concept that means one thing to one person could mean something entirely different to someone else. The same exact message could be received by the same carefully handpicked people yet interpreted entirely differently if not executed properly.

Communicating in the right manner will determine if your message is received in the way you actually intended. It will save you from those embarrassing moments when you are forced to say "we didn't mean it that way." Deliver a powerful message in the right manner and the benefits will come back to you in the form of increased sales, better brand recognition, and brand loyalty. Deliver a message in the wrong manner and you could be facing extensive damage control for an indefinite period of time.