Who We Are

We are a full service creative writing and marketing firm that specializes in writing, planning, and executing campaigns that will boost your brand's sales performance.

We understand that there are many critical elements that will ultimately cause someone to buy your product/service. We believe that the message is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Not just what you say, but how you say it.

So we focus on giving your brand the most impactful message thinkable. A message that inspires. A message that engages. A message that lasts. A message that triggers immediate response.

And above all, a message that sells.

Who We Are
What is 10:3:1

What is 10:3:1

10:3:1 is a famous adage created by legendary salesman Alfred Granum. It defined an entire industry and will be remembered as one of the most powerful selling philosophies ever introduced.

The philosophy states that 'for every 10 prospects you target, 3 will meet with you. Of those 3 who meet with you, 1 will buy.' It is a sales philosophy that stresses the importance of quantity and gave birth to the mantra 'it's a numbers game.' If you target X number of people, Y number will buy your product/service.

As groundbreaking as this philosophy has been, we propose a way to vastly improve it.

By our metrics, targeting 10 people and converting 1 means that 9 people said “no” to your message. It means that 90% of your target audience rejected you. And we absolutely hate rejection.

So what's our solution? We focus on 'quality' before quantity. We don't start with the 10. We don't celebrate the 3. We put all of our attention on the 1. What it will take to make that 1 customer stop what they are doing and truly engage. What it will take to grab that 1 customer's attention and make your message stand out from all of the noise. What it will take to have such an impact on that 1 customer, that they will not only purchase, they will be moved. They will be motivated. And they will be inspired to share their experience with friends, family, colleagues, and even total strangers.

And we believe that answer starts with the message you deliver.

The message should be powerful. It should be impactful. And it should aim to convert every single 1 target that it touches. Once that message has been established, perfected, and proven, then (and only then) should you multiply it. That is when you add the quantity. That is when you target the 10.

As a creative writing and marketing firm, this is what drives every assignment that we handle. Its the written formula that will deliver the most activity from your target audience. It's the written formula that will have the largest sales impact on your business. It's the written formula to grow your brand.