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Whether it's a banner advertisement that will appear on a website, a print advertisement that will appear in a publication, an interactive advertisement that will appear on a mobile device, or even a 30 second commercial that will appear on television, an advertising campaign is your opportunity to broadcast your brand's message to the masses. In order to be effective, the advertisement has to get their attention. It has to draw them in. It has to engage them. And it has to elicit a response.

We can handle the entire campaign from start to finish. The planning. The targeting. The creative design. The development. The placement. And the tracking.

But we must handle the written message. Because if that fails, so does everything else.

Creative Design
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Creative Design

We are all visual people by nature. And as a result, we require an engaging visual presentation just as heavily as an engaging written presentation in order to properly consume a message. Great creative design will cause the viewer to associate certain imagery with your brand or product. Whether the marketing vehicle is a website, a brochure, an advertisement, a video, or even a mobile application, the visual imagery is most likely the first thing that the viewer will notice when viewing your presentation.

But shortly after the visual grabs the viewer's attention, the message associated with it will determine what the viewer actually takes away from the presentation and what reaction (if any) will be extracted. If great visual causes your customer to 'open the door,' a great message causes them to actually walk through it.

We will handle your creative design project - from the initial concept, to the "storyboard," to the layout, to the creative direction, to the final output and formatting. But the best creative in the world means nothing without effective messaging - and we must handle that part of the assignment as well.

Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Electronic mail remains the king of direct marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads. It offers mass personalization capabilities that are unmatched by any other vehicle. It is still the platform checked most often by consumers and professionals on all devices. And most importantly - it still offers the highest ROI of any other direct marketing channel.

With the many benefits that email offers, it’s understandable that it’s also the most popular direct marketing method. Which means that your customer is bombarded with emails constantly. So if your campaign is not planned and executed properly, your email could potentially get blocked, deleted, or even worse - ignored.

We will handle your entire effort - from the strategy to the list creation and segmentation to the analysis of the final click through and deliverability statistics. But most importantly, we will ensure that the content of your message is powerful and prompts a reaction.

Public Relations
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Public Relations

Like it or not, what others say about you does matter. Especially when those 'others' are influential and have the ability to persuade the opinions of thousands of other people. The exposure you earn from the media can either propel your brand into prosperity or drive it into a harsh decline.

We respect the power of an endorsement from a trusted, credible source and we understand exactly how to earn it for your brand. The key element is your message – the one you are delivering to the media as well as the one you are delivering to the media’s audience.

We’ll handle the entire campaign. But if nothing else, we must handle the message. Because if that fail, so does everything else.

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Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time when someone was searching for a particular product or service, they would open a yellow pages. Times have since changed. Now that same person simply goes online and performs a "Google search." And hopefully they will find your product/service somewhere towards the top of the many search results they will find.

There is a laundry list of tasks that must be performed in order to achieve that high ranking - and actually maintain it. The keywords you choose affect it. The structure and development of your website affects it. The incoming links directing traffic to your website affects it. The site's level of responsiveness affects it. Even your social media management affects it. But guess where it all starts? That's right, your website content and messaging. Google will actually check to see how consistent and accurate your messaging is. And if they don't like what they see, you can kiss that high ranking goodbye.

We'll manage your website's entire SEO campaign. And we'll ensure that when Google looks at your website content, they will like what they read.

Social Media and Microblogging
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Social Media and Blogging

Between Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, there are approximately 1.9 billion people actively using social media every month. There is an excellent chance that one of these that one of these 1.9 billion is in need of your product/service. In fact, some are probably already customers of yours. If you are not engaging with them on at least one of these platforms, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to have a direct conversation with your customer.

Whether on a desktop computer or mobile device, the social media user devotes an average of 28% of their online time "hanging out" on at least one these platforms. They chat with friends. They share memories. They engage in business discussions. They discuss things they might buy. They share ideas. They complain about things that upset them. They discuss things that inspire them. If your brand is not participating, it's not included in those discussions.

Each platform has it's own strategy to be considered. And as with anything else, the messaging that you use will determine how your brand is received, how your customer engages, and what level of discussion your brand gets. We'll handle your strategy as well as your execution. And we'll get your customer to engage with your brand.

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It's one of the oldest forms of direct marketing available. And thanks to today's fast paced, constantly evolving environment of technology, a good ole fashioned phone call continues to be among the most effective ways to have a one-on-one conversation with your customer. Among other benefits, a quality phone conversation can enable you to gather valuable intelligence, update / verify contact information, explain an offer in great depth, answer questions, reassure concerns, walk through a process, close a sale, schedule or conduct a meeting or simply enhance a personal relationship.

But it all starts with the message.

Approaching your call with a poorly crafted approach / script will almost surely cause a phone call to go nowhere - fast. Conversely, having a well-written script will typically cause the call to go smoothly and have a very positive outcome.

We will handle every aspect of your call campaign - including the strategic planning, making the actual calls, logging the results, and reporting on the activity. But we insist on handling the script. Because we know it is the single biggest criteria that will determine the campaign's success or failure.

Viral Marketing
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Viral Marketing

We've all either witnessed it or participated in it at some point. We come across something so immensely entertaining (or disturbing) it captures our attention and compels us to share it with a friend. And if that next person feels the same way, they just might share it with their friend as well. The result can be a 'domino affect' that can not only promote your product / cause, it can actually become a trend. And if that trend persists, it can evolve into a movement. The impact on your brand can be monumental - and so can the sales activity that comes along with it. With strategic planning, creative thinking and diligent execution, we can help your next campaign 'go viral.'

But we will first start with the message that needs to be delivered. Whether it's entertaining, disturbing, informative, or controversial, the message must resonate. And we will see to it that it does.